Beard and Mustache Transplant

Nowadays, there are effective methods that are available for treating hair loss for both men and women.

While medicinal solutions can be found to treat hair loss, there are also surgical solutions with more reliable and precise results. With the most recent technological solutions, mustache, eyebrow, and beard transplant operations have also become an option in addition to hair transplant. Compared to a full hair transplant, a beard transplant is more flexible in terms of pricing options. Similarly, a mustache transplant is completed in a shorter time, so it is also priced according to this.

Beard and Moustache Transplant wıth FUE method

The Fue method essentially involves the hair follicles in the hairy area being transplanted to balding areas, all under local anesthesia. The Fue method, which is frequently preferred today, is often chosen because it does not require a surgical cut into the skin and displays rapid recovery.

With this method, which was introduced in the early 2000s in the USA, it is also possible to transplant other separate areas such as beard, mustache and sideburns. Also, if you are wondering how a beard transplant can be performed, the Fue method is the answer to your question. For all that you are curious about, you can do further research via Istanbul’s beard transplant centers.

  • With the Fue method, the follicles are taken from the donor area (usually from the back of the head) using 0.7 – 0.9 mm millimeter blades. Thus, the hair follicle is detached from the area without damaging the skin. This way, no cut marks remain.
  • Only very small, unnoticeable scars are formed in the area where the follicules are taken, and they heal in a few days.
  • Each follicle removed is called a graft. Each graft corresponds to 2-3 strands of hair. In one session, 4000 – 6000 grafts can be taken, depending on the hair density in the area where the follicles will be taken from. Each transplanted follicle tends to shed after one month at the latest and new hair is regained within about 3 months. This method is also very suitable for sideburn transplant.

Gold Fue Technique

The only difference between the classic Fue technique and the Gold Fue technique, which is generally used for hair and beard transplants, is that in this case the blades of the graft receiving and transplanting are covered with gold material. Therefore, this technique is called Gold Fue. The use of gold for various skin diseases is a common medical practice that stretches back to ancient civilizations.

  • Although there is no scientific certainty, gold is thought to be good for human skin, and the Fue method applied using gold blades is said to not cause any harm to the beard.

The Gold Fue technique is applied just like the normal Fue technique. In this regard, the same results of before and after beard transplant, are obtained with the Gold Fue technique.

  • Advocates of this method state that the risk of infection to the skin is lower with this technique.
  • They also support it on the grounds of shorter recovery time and higher post-operation hair vitality.
  • The advantages of this method have not been scientifically proven. However, it has no disadvantages or risks for the scalp.

Micro Fue Technique

The Micro Fue (Micro Follicular Unit Extraction) technique is a more refined application of the normal Fue technique. In the Micro Fue method, the blades are 0.7 – 0.9 mm in diameter. In this way, many more grafts can be taken from the donor area compared to other methods. The use of a microscope also helps the hair expert team to see the hair follicles more clearly and accurately.

If you are wondering how a mustache transplant can be performed, you can learn in detail by asking your specialist. Because beard and mustache transplants require high precision, the Micro Fue method is a very safe process for before and after mustache transplant. You can learn more about this by researching the topic through the Istanbul centers for mustache transplants.

  • While grafts containing triple or quadruple hair follicles are taken in the Fue method, in the Micro Fue method, grafts containing a single hair can also be taken, thanks to the use of thinner blades.
  • People with severe hair loss prefer this method. Especially in intensive sessions, up to 7,000 grafts can be taken, which leads to higher density results and better patient satisfaction.
  • In order for the more recently popular beard and mustache transplant to satisfy the person, frequent transplants of a certain intensity are necessary. In addition, of all the wide-scale beard and mustache transplant methods, the most economical choice is the Micro Fue technique.

PRP Supported Fue Hair Transplant

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) treatment is a plasma method taken from the blood with a micro-filtering technique to perform cell renewal in the hair area. Thrombocytes, which have tissue healing and strengthening functions, are injected into the area of hair thinning to strengthen the hair follicles. Thus, hair loss is prevented from progressing for a while.

  • PRP supported beard, mustache and sideburn transplants pose no health risks. This is because the injected blood is the person’s own.
  • PRP treatment applied during and after the hair transplant also increases the success of the transplant process. It is also the most suitable combined method for people who have not lost their hair completely.

Stem Cell Supported Fue Method

Stem cell supported Fue method, which supports hair growth and is a painless method, provides intensive care for the scalp. Stem cells are the type of cell that expand tissue and can divide into multiple cells. Therefore, stem cell therapy is a highly preferred method in hair-thickening treatment.

  • Stem cells are injected into the hair follicles using the injection technique. In this way, new cells are formed in the area of hair loss and hair growth is supported.
  • The results of beard and mustache transplants supported by the stem cell method will be seen within the same month as the operation. In addition, stem cell supported Fue hair transplantation brings continuity to hair growth.
  • This method is the most effective solution for people experiencing rapid hair loss.

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