Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss treatment is applied for the cause of hair loss. The question of which doctor should be consulted for the treatment of hair loss is the most common question in the first stage. In order to understand the factors that cause hair loss, a dermatologist should be consulted first.

Why Does Hair Shed?

The first answer to why we lose hair is stress. However, hair loss may be caused by seasonal changes. Seasonal, hormonal changes, or negativity in one’s hormonal levels, affect the hair negatively as well. Hair loss can also occur from genetic factors or as a side effect of serious illnesses. Specialist dermatologists of the private AKM outpatient clinic determine the cause of your hair loss using the latest technology and direct you to the most appropriate treatment method.

Types of Hair Loss

There are different types of hair loss depending on the cause of hair loss. Therefore, the treatment methods also vary.

Male Pattern Hair Loss Treatment

In this type of hair loss generally seen in men up to forty years, the hair in the front and at top of the head shed while the sides remain. In this type of hair loss, treatment may be possible with medication.

Female Pattern Hair Loss Treatment

Female pattern hair loss occurs as hair thinning in all parts of the head. The thinning may densify in some areas. It is possible to prevent the loss by choosing the most appropriate treatment for the cause of hair loss.

Hair Loss Treatment Methods

Although men and women have different hair loss patterns, the underlying causes of hair loss are similar. For this reason, the hair loss treatment is performed by applying similar methods for males and females. Unlike men, hair loss treatment in women is applied considering the fertility period.

Genetic Hair Loss Treatment

Levels of hormones secreted in your body may increase your susceptibility to hair loss. In this case, the most appropriate treatment method is determined by considering the stage of hair loss.

Stem Cell Treatment for Hair Loss

It is the treatment method that takes place by injection of stem cells obtained from your own body fat. Injected stem cells not only strengthen the existing hair, but also help the formation of new hair follicles.

Needle Treatment for Hair Loss

For mesotherapy or PRP treatment for hair, it is injected into the scalp with the mixtures needed by the hair.

What is Hair Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy hair treatment is the application of all the nutrients needed to the scalp for the hair to develop healthily. Vitamins, minerals, amino acids and surface expanders are included in the mixture applied to the skin. These components penetrate into the blood and spread throughout the scalp. When the recommended frequency of hair loss mesotherapy treatment is continued, blood vessels form in the applied areas. In this way, the nourishment of the hair becomes continuous.

Does Hair Mesotherapy Grow Hair?

Mesotherapy is applied to strengthen the hair follicles, prevent hair loss and develop stronger hair follicles.

What is Hair PRP Treatment?

Hair PRP treatment is a treatment method that reveals the healing power of your own blood. When applying PRP treatment for hair loss, some blood is taken from your body and a special serum is created by separating the part that feeds the stem cells in the blood by special methods. The hair PRP procedure by injecting the prepared serum into the scalp provides an effective solution to stop the hair loss.

Benefits of Hair PRP

Hair loss can be prevented by PRP treatment. The PRP treatment may also be used together with other treatment methods. When used in combination with hair transplant, the PRP treatment for hair speeds up the healing process of the scalp. When used with mesotherapy, it increases the effect of treatment.

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