Wound and Burn Transplant

Scars that occur in cases of wounds and burns caused by a variety of causes often can be annoying.

When it occurs in the most visible parts of the body, the person may also feel psychologically uncomfortable. These scars may cause hair to not grow in the same area again. Preventing this problem with the consequences of adversely affecting social life is now easier and faster thanks to developing technologies and practices.

Today, there are many procedures requiring hair follicle transplantation for different reasons. Among them, the wound and burn transplant targets the scar areas that are caused by accidents, traumas, surgeries or burns. Wounds that cause damage to the body as well as an unwanted appearance can be covered very successfully with wound transplants. Likewise, the damage caused by burns and the absence of hair can be successfully covered by applying burn transplants in the area. However, it should be noted that the success of the wound and burn hair transplantation method is directly proportional to the response of the traumatized and damaged tissue.


What Is Wound and Burn Transplant?

One of the treatment methods for scars that have resulted from the trauma or accident of the skin with hair on it, and the absence of hair on this area are called wound and burn transplant. The area formed as a result of the healing of wounds on the skin is called a “scar”. Since this area is different from the healthy area in terms of tissue, scar closure is applied with hair transplants. The skin surface, which is naturally more delicate in terms of its tissue, is checked beforehand. After detecting damage to the tissue and measuring the blood circulation, the most appropriate intervention methods are decided. The method of covering wounds and burns, which is not a method of treating the damaged tissue, camouflages the area.

How Is Wound Transplant Performed?

As a result of the analyzes carried out in the area where the wound and burn scars occurred, the treatment process is initiated as soon as the doctor offers their opinion. The wound and burn scar transplants that do not have different operative procedures from normal hair transplants are applied using local anesthesia. The process, which is completed without the patient feeling any pain or ache, ends with a comfortably completed procedure. Those who prefer the method of covering the scar and burns with hair transplantation can start their routine lives within a few days as a result of the procedure.

As a result of operational procedures that are very short and easy, the application is aimed to meet the expectations by giving the maximum response to hair follicle transplant by accelerating blood circulation in the skin tissue of the patient. The FUE method, which is mostly preferred in hair transplants, is often preferred to cover burn and wound scars with hair transplants.

What Is the Post-Operative Process?

The question of how are wound transplants performed is followed by the question of what happens in the process after the procedure. After the operation that takes place in quite a short time is completed without any pain or ache, the skin with the scar resulting from the operation begins to fall out in about 10 days. Hair loss is often encountered at first as a result of the operation and there is no need to worry. During this period, it is seen that all of the transplanted hair sheds in about 3 weeks. However, within the next 3 months when the hair begins to grow again in the same area, the real results of the operation begin to appear. Regardless of wound or burn transplant, the process of treatment varies from person to person as well as from the affected area and severity, but the results are always satisfactory.

  • The treatment of the absence of hair on the scars is through wound and burn transplants.
  • Burn transplants are done to camouflage, not heal the scars.
  • The operation is performed using local anesthesia in 2-3 hours.
  • The patient can continue their routine daily life immediately.
  • The results of the operation are observed within a period of 3 months.

How Is Wound and Burn Transplant Performed?

In the wound and burn transplant technique, 0.5 mm – 0.8 mm sized canals are opened in the area of hair loss and the hair follicles taken from the back of the hair are planted to these canals. During this operation, which lasts approximately 6 hours, the person can easily read books, watch television and use tablets. A break can be provided if needed.

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